Welcome to Apurva

“Our essence is protection. Our inspiration, nature”

Upholding this motto for the past two and a half decade, Apurva Nepal Group has been providing some of the best building solutions to small & large projects in all over Nepal and at local level for homes, buildings and offices in Nepal.

When it comes to the safety and comfort of our service, no effort is too big. Apurva Nepal Group leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your protection and comfort. We provide cost effective and innovative solutions for projects, commercial buildings, governments buildings throughout the country.

Apurva Nepal Group comprises of Apurva International Pvt. Ltd. in Gatthaghar & Teku, Vishal - Apurva Pvt Ltd. in Birgunj, CG – Apurva Pvt. Ltd. In Pokhara, Siddhartha Apurva Pvt. Ltd. In Bhairawa and Siddhartha Sunrise Industries Pvt. Ltd. In Chhipagurd. We deal with all kinds of Building Technology, Building Materials and Roofing Solutions. We supply construction chemicals, hygienic control coatings, water proofing, epoxy flooring, decorative paints, Protective Coating and much more.

We are the sole distributors of Apurva India Limited, Parex Group, Berger India and Sunrise UPVC Roofing Sheets in Nepal. We also deal in products by Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Kansai Paints, Pashupati Paints, Akzonobel Dulux and Birla White Cement to name a few. In fact, we are the first Multi Brand Paint Showroom in Nepal.

One of our most in-demand products at the moment is the Sunrise Brand UPVC Roofing Sheets with Double Fibre Mesh and PMMA color coating. These roofing sheets provide excellent heat and sound insulation, are leak proof, wind resistant and fire retard. They are also long lasting due to age resistance and UV absorption technology. They have been developed to resist acid, chemicals and erosion, making them particularly strong. In a subtropical area like Nepal, these roofing sheets can last more than 20 years. These sheets are available in two colors – terracotta and blue and the colors last for more than 5 years.

Apurva Nepal Group is also the exclusive dealer of Parex Group in Nepal. Their products include Polyurethane Plus and Sovacryl, which are both ready to use waterproofing and sealing membranes. Polyurethane Plus is a single component water-based waterproofing membrane with anti-fracturing, curing, no blistering and UV resistant properties whereas Sovacryl is a waterproofing and sealing membrane for metal roofs, concrete, mortar, plastic and asbestos sheets.

Apurva Nepal Group also deals with Apurva India’s product for external surfaces, internal surfaces and floor surfaces. For external surfaces in buildings, Clearseal provides long lasting, crack healing, antifungal and waterproofing coating for plastered and brick surfaces.  Walgard WB secures internal surfaces by ensuring that your buildings are protected from bacteria, UV, fungus etc. As for floor surfaces, Florcoat WB and Florgard SL are both epoxy floor coating that provide joint-less floors that are hygienic and easy to clean, ideal for hospitals, pharmaceuticals and production areas.

Apurva Nepal Group also deals with Berger India’s Product for Protective Coating against corrosion.

Apurva Nepal Group, in its 25 years of operation has satisfied many clients. Some of the more distinguished clients we have rendered their services to include the American embassy, the British embassy, UNMIN, British Gurkha, the Department of Education, Tilganga Eye hospital, Hotel Soaltee, Hotel Radisson, St Xavier’s school, Quest Pharmaceuticals to name a few. We have also worked with most of the pharmaceuticals, hospitals, business towers, government offices and other commercial buildings in Nepal.

Apurva Nepal Group, whose head office is situated in Teku, Kathmandu, is truly the ultimate solution when it comes to materials for building and construction in Nepal. Whenever you need building supplies for your project, homes or offices, you can visit one of their six showrooms in Teku (Kathmandu), Gatthaghar (Bhaktapur), Birgunj, Pokhara and Bhairawa or so.